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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Alternate Forms Of Heat

It got so cold here last night that it got me to thinking of other forms of heating that can be used. What if the power went out , what would we do for heat?? I do not want my family to freeze and I am sure that you do not either.

My number one choice for heat would have to be a wood burning stove! That is all that my family used when I was growing up. Even when my grandparents bought a new house , they put in a wood burning stove and did not even use the electric heater. I love the heat that is put out by wood burning stove. Some people might be scared of them, but they are not too bad. I was around them from birth until I was about 19 years old and I never got burned, and there were tons of time that I had to get up in the middle of the night to stoke the fire!! We are looking into getting us one now for heat. This is a great way to get off of the grid.

This is something that we have for backup heat and Love. A Kerosene Heater! The last house that we lived in this is all that we used. We HAD to use it or freeze and I have had all types of heat , grew up with wood burning stoves as only heat , and a kerosene heater comes into a close second to wood burning stoves. The only draw back that I can see about a kerosene heater is the fact that you might run out of fuel and it would be hard to keep a ton of it on hand.

This next alternate form of heating would be something that I would just keep on hand for an emergency and NOT for long term usage. Mr Heater . It is safe for indoor use and pretty low cost to buy and operate. It could be use for a short term emergency and keep you from freezing.

This next form of heating is one that all of you handymen or women can do. A Barrel Stove Kit. I seen one of these in Home Depot and thought that it was such a cool idea. Great way to get some heat into your house for a low cost.

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