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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Winterizing The House

Unfortunately, we have to spend another winter in this cracker box of a house. Which is much too small and too cold. So we have been trying to do some stuff to get it ready for winter. I spent the other day, which was way too warm and nice to be thinking about the cold of winter, wrapping the bottom of our small back deck with some black rubber stuff. My husband got it from his work - I think that it actually is supposed to be laid on the floor so that workers do not slip in factories. But anyway he got 10 of them and I put 3 of them around the bottom of our back porch/deck. To keep the wind out of the crawl space. We did not find out until this past spring that it was under there and does not shut up to well. So then we knew why the floor was always so cold. LOL
Next we got most of the windows in the house covered with plastic and I have new insulated curtains up in all of the bedrooms and living room.
Next weekend we are going to seal up the back door. We are going to try and do it between the screen and the door. That way we can still get out if we had too. Just rip the plastic off. But it will seal up the doors. A lot of air gets in our back door because the screen door does not seal up right.

MY WISH - the next house we get has a wood burning stove!

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