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Friday, August 5, 2011

Thought That I had Broke My Foodsaver!

I was so scared yesterday. I was doing up some corn and silly me did not think about anything and just started up my FoodSaver and all of a sudden it quit on me and the light went out. I opened it up and the bag is not sealed and the foodsaver is full of water (corn juice)!! I hurried up and dried it out with a towel in a panic. I plugged it back in and NOTHING! No light or noise. So I stuck it out on the back porch opened and up on its side! I was hoping all day that it was not broke and that I would still have it. Last night I brought it in, plugged it in, and it came on. I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief. There was no way that I would have been able to buy a new one.
PLEASE learn from my mistake and do not try to vacuum seal something that has juice in it. I learned the hard way and almost lost my Foodsaver.

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JP in MT said...

When you find that you have an electronic devise that is wet DO NOT plug it in and turn it on to see if it works. You are indeed fortunate. Many salvageable electronics (I used to work with cell phones) would be just fine if they would wait a day or so and make sure that there is no water still in the devise to short it out.

Bloggers said...

I found that out too. LOL Luckily it was a plug by the kitchen sink that had a trip thingie built into it and it tripped. LOL Yeah I was lucky.

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