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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Someone is Stealing Our Tomatoes...

I had noticed a week ago that we had a bunch of cherry tomatoes on our plants out by the shed and was getting excited about that. Dreaming about what I can do with all of them and how good they would be. I noticed the past couple of days that there have been fewer and fewer tomatoes on the plants and none on the ground. So I figured that someone is stealing them!! Found out last night that I am right , someone is stealing them!! DEER!! Son came home late from swimming at a friends and there was a momma and baby deer up there just snacking away on our tomatoes. So, first off - I am not crazy. I knew that the tomatoes were disappearing. Second - what do I do about it??? I have other tomatoes plants up in front of the house that are not being touched as far as I can tell. My husband says to let them eat the ones out by the shed because maybe sooner or later with the way things are going in America , that we might be needing them for meat!! I guess he is right about that. Better stock up on some deer slugs.

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