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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Having No Computer Is Not Good!

I really am not liking not having my own computer anymore. I am so behind in the news. My son just so happened to go to a friends house to watch the NBA draft and that is the only way that I am on here now. I am trying to catch up on news. A lot happened in the past couple of days. It is so sad that I do not know what is going on since I have no cable, and now no computer. I am so down in the dumps right now. I am reading the new articles from my favorite blog, The last one is this interesting one - “Super EMP” Capable of Disabling Power Grid Across Lower 48 States. Very scary stuff there. I have read the Book One Second After a couple of times and having an all out EMP attack would be horrible. I guess the only thing that we can all do is prepare for the worst. Have survival food supply ,like Shelf Reliance THRIVE Starter Variety Pack 493 Total Servings Six, 10 Cans, Grab and Go 84 Meals Freeze Dried Survival Food, and Meal Ready to Eat (MRE), 12 Pack Case, Ration! We also need to have medical items and water.

Ultimate Family Preparedness Pak

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