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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tornado Safety In Our Home...

All of the tornadoes that have been happening have me freaked out. I live in Southern Indiana where there are a lot of tornadoes and I survived the 1974 outbreak in Madison , IN inside a basement with my mom and a few other kids and moms. The upper house caved in on us and luckily we all were under the stairs. They had to dig for a couple of hours to get us out. So that made an awful impression on me at 3 years old. I have been scared of even the word tornado ever since. You just mention it around me and I start to look at the sky and shake.
Well, to make matters worse we live in a house right on the western edge of town, on a hill, and with no basement!!!!!!!! It is like we have a bulls-eye painted on the side of our house. So, we can't get in our tub, it is on our western wall and has glass walls all around it. so I had to come up with something else. And fast , too, we have another round of severe storms going through tonight that could produce tornadoes. A HIGH risk. So I looked at our house and thought about the next thing closets. The best one is in our toddlers bed room. So I completely cleaned it out yesterday. I could not believe what all was in there and even found my Alas, Babylon book!! I stuffed a few pillows in there some blankets, bottled water, flashlights, a radio, and some stuffed animals and hopefully now we have a safe or at least safer place to ride out a storm.

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