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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Car Trouble

We had finally went a got a newer car 2 weeks ago and today we woke up and it would not start. Come to find out it had a bad battery in it. Luckily I had a battery here that was for our generator and it fit right in and started right up. But, how in the heck does a car lot sell a car with a bad battery in it. The positive post was broke off and the juice was leaking out. The positive thing was all corroded. Oh well. At least we had a battery. But what if we did not have one?? I guess we need to be prepared for any type of an emergency, not just food and home!! We also need to be prepared for car emergencies, also!!! I need to get one of those car kits , that have the jumper cables, flashlights, etc in them. I also want to have a bag with emergency stuff in it. Just something else to have to prepare for.

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