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Monday, April 11, 2011

WOW!! Grocery Shopping Was Not Fun This Week!!!

We had to go to get some fresh items at the grocery store this week. It was amazing how high everything was. I just got what we needed, some meat, water, a few snacks for the kids and I almost cried. I just cannot believe that food prices have went up that much. I came out of the store with 7 bags (plastic bags) of groceries and a case of water and it was $137.00!!!!!! I can not understand how it could be that high. It is just crazy. We live in a very small town and it is not anywhere near any major high ways so maybe that is one of the reasons it is so high. I did feel like crying. I just wonder how much it would have been if I had REALLY shopped? Luckily we have a stockpile at home of basics to work off of. If the price of meat keeps going up, we are going to become vegetarians. Bad thing about it, is that I did not even buy a lot of meat. It just was high. I looked at some chicken and did not buy any of it. Over $10.00 for a small pack of wings was way too high for me. Now is the best time to grow your own garden.
Bad thing is that our county is now at 12% unemployment. High prices at the grocery store will cause crime to go up here, I am afraid.

Anyone else getting sticker shock when they go grocery shopping????

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Kelly Tillotson said...

yes :(
im a pretty good couponer, but i really need to up my game.
i buy food storage supplies each month from the lds cannery--luckily i bought all my wheat a couple days before they raised prices--as of april 4th their products went up as well. dried apples and onions went up $12 from their starting price!! i hope our little garden grows this year---its my first time planting.
*praying for my plants*

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