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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Plan to make money this summer from your garden...

If you have a green thumb or even a slightly green thumb, and like gardening, you may be able to turn your hobby into a money-making proposition. Even though gardening can be labor intensive, it can be very relaxing at the same time. It may be just the physical activity needed to zap stress or just get some exercise. Gardening can mean either vegetables or flowers. A lot of people are in the market for both and most would rather deal with a local rather than a huge chain store. Making money gardening can be handled in several different ways.

Vegetable Plants

It is possible to start vegetables from seeds, but the average person would rather prepare their garden for the season then buy starter plants rather than plant seeds. Your job, if you wish to accept, is to prepare a number of small pots with seeds during the winter and grow the starter plants. If you plant in January, plants will be ready to sell in April. Choose one type of vegetable to start or choose a few of the most popular such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, corn or string beans. When people find out you are selling vegetable plants, you may be able to take orders for the next year. Be sure you grow quality name plants. If your plants do not produce, you will not have any customers the next year. If you price your plants competitively, making money gardening will be a lot easier.

Selling Produce

A road side vegetable stand is a good way to sell the produce you grow. Unless you have a huge inventory of produce, the chances of selling to a grocery store might not be feasible. Perhaps you might make a deal with another small vegetable stand to sell your produce. Your stand does not have to be open every day. It may be a weekend operation or an every other day operation. Whenever your stand is open making sure the produce is fresh. If there is a local Farmers Market, consider selling your produce there. You may have to pay a fee to sell, but if it is a busy Market, you will recover that cost quickly. No matter how you sell your produce, have a scale to weigh the vegetables if you are selling by weight and bags on hand for customers to take their goodies home.


Perhaps your green thumb is in the floral area. Making money gardening, works for flowers as well as vegetables. Like vegetables, most people would rather buy plants already in the growth process or fully grown rather than plant seeds. Planting seeds during the late fall and early winter will assure you have flowers or starter flowers in the spring. Most annuals grow better in year two than year one. If you have the space, plant a field of annuals that suit your planting zone and sell them after a year or maybe two of established growth. Consider a weekend plant sale if you do not want to operate a plant stand full time.

Zack Wilson is an avid organic gardener, for more comprehensive information on how to make money gardening visit my website where you will also find many articles on organic gardening, problems with gardening, easy steps to organic gardening, making money with your garden and much much more.

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How to Make Money from Your Garden

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