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Sunday, February 6, 2011

surprising-home-energy-hogs: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

surprising-home-energy-hogs: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

This really did surprise me. I have been unplugging unused stuff for a while now, but I guess that I have not been doing enough by the looks of this article. I really need to crack down on some stuff. Especially the gaming systems and the computers.


Adventures in Self Reliance said...

I did this a while back of using power strips. I hoped for a little savings, boy I was surprised that I saw aabout a $10.00 saving in the first month. Since I got my smart meter I'm using my appliances in off peak times. Weekends and after 7 0r 9 pm weekdays another $10-$20.00 savings per month.
Just get power strips with long cords so it is easy to turn off.

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