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Thursday, December 30, 2010

DIY Local Self Reliance

Self reliance is of utmost importance in today's world especially owing to the growing awareness of urban survival. There are a couple of aspects in which urban self reliance can be achieved through DIY methods. One of these is by learning to make your own cleaning products. It'll not only help you save money but also keep you from using harsh chemicals.

It's possible to achieve self reliance with the DIY projects. It's also a great trouble saver, in terms of running to the grocery store every time you need to get some toothpaste or soap. Furthermore, it also prepares you for difficult times ahead such as when the store may be inaccessible or perhaps when the supplies may not be readily available.

Knowing how to prepare this stuff at home sure comes in handy in a lot of situations. And if you maintain a stock of the ingredients needed to make them, it can keep you well prepared to deal with any unforeseen situations.

But the benefits of making your own cleaning products are not limited to this. One of its main advantages is that you know exactly what you're going to use. As you can make your own bath supplies, lotions, and facial creams, you'll know what you'll apply on your body and on your skin. It is a fun learning experience that's also safe. So the whole family can enjoy it together.

The other aspect of becoming self reliant is by learning to meet your food requirements. These requirements may be in terms of vegetables or perhaps your poultry needs. You don't always need a large tract of farmland or a garden to grow vegetables. It is possible to grow vegetables such as lettuce, squash, potatoes as well as tomatoes even on a bale of hay, burlap bag or even in pots or barrels. Self reliant farming is especially healthier as opposed to market vegetables. They're more likely free of pesticides and other cancer-inducing chemicals.

Chickens would make rather interesting pets. You can surely give it a try if they can satisfy your own poultry needs. Taking care of them requires no special equipment. A towel can be used to cushion the eggs and an electric kettle may be used to hatch them. With proper care, your hens may reach adulthood and provide you with eggs on a daily basis. Regulations in most cities may allow you to raise a maximum of six hens. However, you should check the local regulations just be sure.

No doubt that DIY local self reliance can make you and your family independent and self sustaining. Best of all, you know where your produce comes from and you get the satisfaction of having grown them yourself. No doubt you and your family is going to have a lot of fun producing your own food.

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