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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A 72 Hour Kit

When planning emergency survival kits one of the more important ones that you can put together are the 72 hour kits. These emergency preparedness packages are frequently referred to as the first step towards become prepared for any sort of emergency.

The objective behind these kits is that they can be created ahead of time and placed in a closet or cabinet near the door ready and waiting to be grabbed at a moments notice. Their very existence originates from the concept of being quick to grab and get to the bug out vehicle. These are the perfect solution to being prepared if you have to depart the area at a moments notice.

In any emergency a person wishes they had specific items that they need. As an example a fire which I recently dealt with involved a family who literally lost everything they owned. They had nothing left what so ever. We provided them with the necessities of life but in many cases what would these people have done if we were not around to help them?

In times of emergencies complete communities are affected in a similar manner. Emergency supplies are few and often unavailable. What if your town is suddenly informed that they must depart the area would you and your family be prepared? You would if you had a 72 hour kit ready and waiting near your door.

A 72 hour kit should contain the essential supplies which your family would need to take you through three days of taking care of yourself. The reason that a 72 hour kit is valuable is because it has been shown that it could take up to three to four days before emergency personnel could get supplies moving during a disaster. What this amounts to is that until the emergency crews and their supplies are in place you and your neighbors will be on your own. According to how bad your emergency situation is the time limit could even be much longer.

To get you started on construction of a personalized 72 hour kit I will provide you with a few supplies to include. These are not bound in stone items and each kit should reflect the individual's desires and likes.

You could include one or several first aid kits in your pack. I have one in my vehicle, a personal kit and a family kit. In my family kit I include both foot and body powder. I have included both a means of making light such as a flashlight or lantern as well as some ways of creating a fire by either matches or a magnesium block.

In the event that you end up traveling it's always a good idea to include a compass and a set of maps in your kit. Today everyone seems to want GPS systems but you really should know how to use a map and compass as well.

If you can only have one tool in our kit the best item to have would be a "Leatherman" multi-tool. If you are fortunate enough to be able to include several you could easily add things such as a saw and an axe with a sheath.

For cooking your food you may need some sort of folding frying pan, a P-38 can opener and naturally food to go with these items. Your sanitary equipment should include some toilet tissue, soap, and personal hygiene products.

Always include some cash with your kit. I like to have one or two hundred dollars in small bills along with about 10 or 20 dollars in quarters. You can take your credit card and your debt card but never rely solely upon them for funds as you will never know if the ATM machines will be functioning.

Lastly include clothing appropriate for the season and geographical location. Don't pack summer clothing in your kit for use in the winter time. There you have a rough idea as to what you can include in your kit. The rest is up to you. You can personalize your kit as you see fit.

By Joseph Parish

Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish

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