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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Thrift Store Trip's Today

I did not do too bad. I only spent about $16.00 dollars and got my 4 year old a bag full of winter clothes, a bundle of 10 pillar candles, a candle holder that hangs on the wall, a candle holder that looks like an oil lamp with a globe, and another candle holder that is wood and has place for 3 candles. My safety candle fit perfect in it. I hung the hanging candle holder , which holds 2 pillars, in the hallway. I had been wanting something for the hallway and now I do. That is all that I found, though. It was pretty slim pickings. But , at least I found a few things and did not spend a ton of money. We always need candles. And getting a bag of winter clothes for my little one was worth it , too. So, considering that we only got a chance to go to 2 different thrift stores - I am happy!!

This neat candle holder is wood and has the 3 places in it that safety candles fit in perfectly.

This one is just a cheap one to hang in the hallway. It has 2 of the pillars in it that I also bought today.

This candle holder is my favorite one. 

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Anonymous said...

Impressive, you would think that more people would explore the "thrift" stores. Out here we have Goodwill, Salvation Army and numerous other organizations that run stores. One would not believe what they can find for almost no cost. Good way for folks to stock their shelves with needed supples

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