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Monday, November 29, 2010

Hand Crank Washing Machine

The hand crank washing machine is ideal for cleaning clothes when you don't have power available. If you spend any time on a boat or at a camp ground, you know that having an effective way to wash clothes that doesn't require you to put your vacation on hold and head in to town, is a life saver. Vacations are supposed to be fun, not time spent lugging laundry to and from a laundromat.

These little washing machines work by the use of a hand crank that rotates a cylinder or tub to produce the agitation action that washes the clothes. The rotation creates internal pressure in the tub or cylinder that forces the water and cleaning agent through the clothing. The pressure is contained in the unit by a pressurized cap that releases the pressue when the cap is unscrewed.

The rinse cycle works in the same manner, but instead of pushing soapy water through the clothes, the clean water is forced through the fabric, thus removing the soapy water.

Since there is no power required, clothing can be washed virtually anywhere where there's available water and the hand crank washing machine is light and compact making it ideal for traveling, camping or boating. Adding one to your boating or camping gear is an inexpensive way to spend less time on your vacation traveling to and from a laundromat. If you've ever had to wash clothes at a laundromat, you know that waiting around for a couple of hours for the clothes to be finished is a tedious, boring chore.

So where can you get a hand crank washing machine?

If you want to spend less time lugging laundry around and more time outdoors while on vacation, get a hand washing machine by visiting
MiniWashing Machine.

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