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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Preparing Your Family in Case of Emergency

With the difficulties which many people in the world face on a regular basis, it would be a good practice to prepare one's family in case an emergency strikes. The world is full of perilous issues which confront people each and every day. The bad economy which has been rampant for some time has affected millions of people ether directly or indirectly and has caused many to search for home based businesses which may bring more problems if not successful.

Besides the bad economic times, natural disasters which bring immediate tragedy are striking throughout the planet. Manmade casualties which disrupt livelihoods suddenly occur without notice. There is war raging n the world bringing death to innocent people. Crime can hit anyone. These hard times may require family preparedness in order to survive.

There are a number of things anyone can do to prepare for future problems. Everyone will be faced with public or private problems. Although how a person looks at and handles the trials will differ, most people will have severe challenges in their lifetimes.

Material necessities such as shelter, food, and water may be taken for granted by much of society. People who live comfortable lives expect those things to be readily available. Those who live in poverty better understand that life is not easy nor is it fair. Being prepared is sage advice for anyone. Having an adequate reserve of cash and necessities on hand may be vital for survival.

Government and church groups have long advocated emergency preparedness for families and individuals. There may be no warning when a tragedy or disaster strikes a family or a community.

Emergency services may not be available at a moment's notice. Perhaps roads will be closed and areas become inaccessible. Emergency responders who are depended upon to be there when problems arise may not be able to get to people who need help.

There are ways to prepare families for personal hardships which may come.
• Practice an emergency escape plan in case of fire
• Have an emergency roadside kit in your home and car
• Have a three day emergency kit for each family member

Have food in it that the person likes and will eat

Include eating utensils (plastic cup, fork, etc.)

Personal sanitary and cleaning supplies

A change of clothes

Use a small backpack for each kit

Make sure each person knows where the kits are stored
• Keep enough gas in the car for emergencies
• Have Blankets and warm coats available
• Make sure everyone has access to emergency phone numbers
• Store enough food and water to sustain the family if needed

These measures and preparations may or may not be available or useful if an emergency comes, depending on the circumstances. Being prepared does give peace of mind even if a major disaster never strikes the family.

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