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Monday, October 4, 2010

Kerosene Stoves

Top Ten Reasons to Use Kerosene Stoves

There are a lot of reasons to use these good stoves. Here is a list of some of the most important reasons to consider. What a lot of kind people do not realize is that, worldwide, the stoves and heaters are immensely popular. They are inexpensive to purchase and the fuel is so clean, from distillation, that it burns most efficiently. In the US, the most common reason to purchase kerosene stoves is for disaster preparedness cooking.

1- It is the most cost-effective way to cook your food storage. Kerosene is the most efficient fuel (more than 90% efficient).

2- It can heat your home, as well as, cook your food.

3- A new stove can cost less than $50.00.

4- It is more convenient to use than other options.

5- Japan uses kerosene as their #1 source of cooking and heating fuel.

6- The Amish know how to go off grid and kerosene is their primary source of fuel.

7- The fuel can be dyed with food coloring to make it look pretty.

8- The fuel is not flammable. It is actually classified as a combustible. That means it is a lot easier to store than other flammable fuels like gasoline.

9- The fuel supplier will bring it to your home.

10- The third world uses kerosene stoves and heaters as their primary fuel source.

Final Tip

On the first lighting, dry burn the wick right away and it will make your stove or heater last much longer.

For further information about kerosene stoves, please visit Kerosene Stoves or you may also wish to visit Kerosene Heaters

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