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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Does a Solar Battery Charger Actually Work?

A solar battery charger could soon as common as the cellular phone as technology continues to emerge in an effort to become a world that is more environmentally friendly.

How many times have you pulled out your cell phone or camera to use it and find that the battery or batteries are dead? It's frustrating, isn't it? A battery charger powered by the sun could be just what you need to keep that from happening again!

Why Choose a Solar Powered Battery Charger?

These gadgets are invaluable when it comes to powering up small appliances such as cellular phones, laptops, cameras, and more. What are the benefits?

* You'll have power readily available in remote locations where AC power is not available
* Solar battery chargers utilize renewable, clean energy - the sun's rays
* No need to return to the store yet again to purchase more batteries that will eventually need to be disposed of into the landfill and damage the environment
* An excellent and convenient way to go green and create less of an environmental footprint on the world
* Save money - on batteries, electricity, and gasoline
* Back up battery stores extra power even when not in use

Let's talk about why battery chargers powered by the sun are convenient to have no matter where you go. You could be in the city, the suburbs, or rural areas and a solar charger is going to provide power to your small appliance as long as the sun is shining. Many people have discovered that solar chargers can be invaluable in an emergency too.

We all know that children of today take along some sort of electrical gadget on vacation or trips to keep occupied, right? No matter what your destination, a solar battery charger can recharge an iPod, MP3 player, laptop, cell phone, or hand-held game after a long trip.

Do Solar Power Battery Chargers Really Work?

Yes, they do! Portable solar panels can provide even more power for larger appliances like cameras, laptops, and cellular phones. Smaller items like MP3 players and the like can usually charge pretty well with lower cost chargers. Higher priced solar chargers seem to receive the best customer reviews, especially when it comes to recharging cellular phones.

However, keep a few things in mind...

Obviously, if the sun is not shining, then using a solar charger is not going to work. The cost of a quality solar battery charger is $50-$250, depending on what it is you want to use it for and how much power you require.

Cellular phones require a lot more power than people think, so if you use your phone often and require it to be charged regularly, you may want to consider a universal hybrid solar charger. This type of solar charger can utilize both electric and the sun's energy.

Technology is gaining ground in the area of solar battery chargers, but there are still a few challenges with them. As long as you know and understand how they work, you may discover it's just the right fit for your going green lifestyle.

M.S. Rochell is the editor of which offers education and inspiration on the benefits of going green with solar energy, DIY solar power, and affordable solar energy solutions. Please visit for more solar battery charger and portable solar tips, and for our free Affordable Solar Energy eBooks.
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Camp Easier said...

Yes solar battery charges work and solar power is great. I believe we should all know how to survive without the comforts of home. Thanks

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