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Sunday, September 19, 2010

How to Survive a Full Economic Collapse

An economic collapse is defined as a distressing collapse of a national, regional, or territorial economy. It is basically a stern economic depression characterized by a quick boost in impoverishment and job loss. Today, we have seen the weakening of the US dollar while the prices of commodities such as oil, grain and gold rises. Many have feared for the economic stability of our country.

But what can one do to survive from full economic collapse? The U.S. dollar is already weakening and it may be hard to save the investments of this debt-driven economy. On the other hand, it is never too late to find out some fundamental survivalist skills.

Create an arrangement for how to endure a full economic collapse. Record your debts and assets. Your objectives should comprise of no debt and the procurement and storage of important assets.

You should pay all your debts and shun from getting new ones by paying with cash as an alternative of credit cards. Focus on paying debts with high interest, loans with amendable rates and unsecured debts first.

Reconsider your stocks and mutual funds. In order to monetarily survive a total economic collapse, your funds have to be safe.

Acquire goods and valuables. Buy necessary food supplies such as whole grains and legumes, which can be easily stored.

Form a relationship with your neighbors and assemble a community wherever you are. In the occurrence of full economic collapse, life will become very restricted and endurance will depend on working together with others.

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