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Saturday, September 4, 2010


Having food in your pantry is better than having money in the bank. You should have cash at home and not in the bank. What if During real hard times , banks might even close! Than how would you have access to any cash if it is all in the bank?? If this does happen , it would be so nice to be able to take care of your family because you thought ahead and had your food stockpile and cash on hand. Buy food and other necessities in bulk. This saves money and ensures that you have a lot of what you need on hand. Even if it is just for a emergency that last for several days , you are prepared. I am really trying to get prepared for this winter in advance. Last winter was so bad and we were frozen into our house for at least a month. I had used up most of our stockpile when my husband was laid-off for 6 months! I had not had a chance to get our stockpile built back up very good. So, this year I am getting prepared. I do not want to take ANY chance at all!!


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