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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sign of the End Times - Man Selling Spaces in Underground Bunker

A San Diego man is selling spaces in a hidden bunker for people wanting to escape the coming doomsday 2012 catastrophes. It will cost you $50,000 per per person to save yourself and members of your family by joining Robert Vicino in the bunker, actually a huge complex he is building out of an old Cold War structure somewhere in the southern California desert.

The underground shelter will have supplies enough to accommodate 200 people for up to a year. It will be able to withstand almost any kind of natural or man-made disaster. Besides a blast-proof, 3,000-pound door, the bunker will be fenced off behind razor wire and other barriers.

The idea is that when disaster strikes, the people who've paid for a place in Vicino's hideout will meet at designated rendezvous points and be escorted in, possibly by helicopters. Inside, thanks to the $10 million Vicino is spending on the structure's refit, they will find such necessities as a decontamination room and such comforts as an exercise facility.

The California bunker is envisioned as just the first of several that will be built around the country.

Clearly, some people are taking the 2012 doomsday predictions seriously. And no wonder. Not only do ancient prophecies, from different cultures, all agree that something big is coming at us, but so does science, from seismology to astronomy.

Survival will be the key word from here on out. Your own survival might not depend on finding a bunker to crawl into, but it will require preparation -- and being alert to the signs of the times.

Want to learn more about what's coming for 2012?

Don't believe everything you hear about 2012 and what it will mean to you personally -- but don't dismiss it all, either. The truth is out there and can be known. See the 2012 Predictions site at

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SHTFblog said...

That's a whole lot of money. One could build a pretty sweet bunker in their own backyard for that money.

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