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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How to Eat During a Natural Disaster

When disaster hits, most people aren't ready. Most people think that food will be plentiful and all the stores will be open. That isn't the case in most natural disasters. People who don't prepare will suffer. People who plan will prosper. Planning ahead is the answer.

Food is Essential

Food is an essential that most people take for granted. If a storm hits, the stores will close. Do you have enough food in your house to feed the family for two to three weeks? Three weeks is generally how long people usually have to cope with in a disaster.

The Bare Minimum

The best way to be prepared is to build a home survival cache of food. You should have enough food to feed your family for at least one month. You will need ways of preparing the food as well. In most disasters, electricity will be curtailed, therefore:

Foods that require refrigeration and fresh foods will spoil before the month is out.
Pre-Packaged Ready-to-Eat Food

You might consider looking on the Internet to buy a food preparation kit for you family. This is the easy out, but it will be costly. If you haven't eaten MRE's (meals ready to eat), you might try them first. You might not like the food and things will be bad enough without putting up with food you don't like. Some taste better than others so:

Consider sampling them before you commit to buying large quantities.
Dried and Canned Food

The best thing is to buy the foods you like that are canned and dried. These foods last a long time and will make your time struggling through the disaster tolerable. If you are use to these foods, eating won't be a chore. Remember to cover the basic food groups to cover all of your needs.

Freeze dried foods and dehydrated pastas, as well as beans will help you vary your diet and make food more desirable.
Storing the Food

When it comes to storage of these foods, it is best to purchase or build a waterproof container or containers for storage. In the case of flooding, food will not do you any good if it is ruined. Dehydrated, condensed and freeze dried food will all ruin when it comes into contact with water.

There are many ways to store your food supply if you do your homework and plan.
Cooking the Food

As far as preparation goes, you will need a way to cook your food. You do not want to eat raw foods for a month. Therefore, a camping stove that accepts multiple types of fuel is best. That is where camping comes in. People who camp regularly will be ahead of the game. If you aren't a camper, it will be best to practice cooking on your camping equipment. If you have to use it in an emergency, you will be ready.

Check with your sporting goods store as to how much fuel and what kinds are best for extended cooking needs.

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