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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fuel for Emergencies....

Different types of fuels are very important when an emergency pops up. You need fuel for cooking, lighting, vehicles. Just make sure to store them all away from children and food.

A gallon of Coleman fuel should last about 40 hours. This is great for lighting.

Kerosene gas for lighting is easy to store and use.

Flashlights are a great light source too, but then you have to worry about batteries. That is why I have a solar powered battery charger and a few hand crank flashlights.

Candles are another great light source and should be stored up for emergency. I have also even learned to make my own candles.

A 2 burner gas camp stove is a great addition for cooking.

Learn how to make an emergecny tin (coffee) can stove. Use parriffin wax soaked tightly wound newspaper for the fuel.

I also have some charcoal stored up and a grill to use for cooking if I need to use it. You can make a lot of stuff on a grill - even bake bread.

Learn how to make newspaper logs for heat. They can replace wood if you need them to in your wood burning stove in an emergecny. Download our free toolbar


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