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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Staying Cool With No Power?

How do we stay cool when we have no power?? I have ordered a small solar powered fan that I hope to get soon, but what do we do if we do not have one of those??

I have thick curtains on my south facing windows to keep the hot sun out. But when there is no breeze and it is 95 degrees out , what else can we do to keep cool??

Please post in comments any ideas.......

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Anonymous said...

My two strategies are staying outside in the shade, or taking cool baths (or going for a swim in a local creek/river). But the "outside in the shade" deal only really works if you live in a place with low humidity. Praying for winter always helps, too. :)

Bloggers said...

Yeah the humidity here is horrendous!! I bought my little one a pool the other day and he has not been out of it!!

Pat said...

Run cool water over your wrists, it will cool you down quickly. Wear light clothing, of course, but nothing that binds or is tight. It should be loose and flowing. Eat light! Salads, sandwiches and fruits and go easy on the meats and sauces.
No alcohol and limit soft drinks. Drink clear juices and lots of water.
Save chores that you can until evening or early morning when it's cooler, don't bake and minimize the use of the stove or any heat producing appliance.

JackimoT said...

They make solar attic fans too, where the unit cools your attic and that in turn cools the rest of your house down, check em out:

Maries Cottage said...

I like the idea of a solar attic fan, smart!
A friend of mine does not have air conditioning and she shuts all her windows around nine in the morning, so hot air does not come in, and then she opens them again at night to let the cooler night air in.

Anonymous said...

I soak linen or cotton cloth in water, and hang in the windows. Electricity free air conditioning! I also have several metal spray bottles ( aluminium I *think*, they have plastic "sprayers on top?). I keep these refrigerated and filled with cool lemon water or rose water, and spritz myself as needed. You can even have a sip if you're overheating. In both cases, evaporation provides a natural form of air conditioning!

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