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Friday, November 7, 2008

What Should Be On Your BookShelf??

I have a lot of books and magazines on my bookshelf that will be a great resource in case of an emergency and no power.
I have shown you a example of some of them in the photo. A solar cookbook and a woodstove cookery book are a great idea to have so you can still cook without power. I also have some grilling books. You should also have some medical based books , herbals, and edible plants books. I have 2 favorites that I read all of the time -- Back To Basics and Emergency Food Storage and Survival HandBook. Those 2 are just packed full of information that will be useful when the time comes. I also have another cookbook for when there is no power called Apocalypse Chow. I am pretty new to gardening so I also have a few books that have tips for gardeners.
It would also be a good idea to get subscriptions to some useful magazines. My favorite 2 are Backwoods Home Magazine and Countryside magazines. I also have a subscription to Mother Earth News.
A library of books that can be useful for your family does not have to be expensive. I got all of my books at thrift stores and on ebay!! I have gotten lucky on several of the books , like the Woodstove Cookery book I got at a local thrift store for 50 cents!! Even on ebay it goes for a lot more. But I have gotten some great deals on ebay also. The solar power cookbook I got on ebay for, I think , $5.00 , which is not too bad for a book that I imagine will be quite useful.
As long as you study and stay well read on the information that you will need before you actually need it you should be able to survive well without power!!



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