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Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Great Investment for self-sufficiency !

When I am thinking of being self-sufficient and being prepared for anything, I try to think of EVERYTHING that could be needed or wanted. Well, my family said the one thing that they would worry about is having clean clothing, towels, and me being able to clean my little one's cloth diapers. So last month I splurged and bought one of these, EasyGo Washer™ Rapid Mobile Wonderwash Clothes Washing Machine Pod - Wonderful for Mini Loads, Apartments, Boats, RV, Cabins and Camping. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed off of Lehmans. I have used it a few times already and I have to say that it is awesome. I used it on cloth diapers and it worked great. I was able to use hotter water than my washing machine even gets. Plus it used less water.
So now when the bad times come we will have clean items!!
To dry the items I have 2 things - I have one of those folding style clothes dryers for inside and for outside I have a umbrella style clothes line. Which I love. I have had it for years and I tell you it was the best investment I ever made in my quest to being self-sufficient. I think that with all of this my family will be clean and happy.

Someone on anther board made me remember something that happened recently. We had a wind storm back in September here in Indiana( it was a catagory 1 hurricane) and our electric was out for almost 3 days, but I still had to wash cloth diapers!! I used this and my neighbors were giving me dirty looks when I was hanging out laundry. They were wondering how I was washing clothes.


Michele said...

I really like that idea. I have never seen one of those. I will have to check out Lehmans! How many clothes does it hold at once? It looks rather small. Thanks!

Bloggers said...

Yes it is small, I can do about 5 cloth diapers at once. You can do a couple pair of jeans or a few t-shirts. It is not for large loads. Plus I like to leave room for the water to get around. Makes it easier to rinse.

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